Artisan soap C-X9 Velandia®


Handmade cold soap saponified through an artisan process, obtaining a high quality and preserving the natural properties. Excellent cleanser for the skin. Excellent cleanser for the skin.

Contains: orange blossom, magnolia, grape seeds from the vineyards of La Rioja, olive oil in great %, bio oil from pomegranate, coconut, etc.



The base of this soap is olive oil with emollient and moisturizing properties. Contains seed oil from the vineyards of La Rioja, regenerant and antioxidant + linoleic acid. We incorporate extract of magnolia Bio, which provides elasticity to the skin and helps in the elimination of spots. Bío de Granada oil, powerful cellular regenerator and contains vitamin C. The orange blossom, provides that special note in the aroma of this soap and coconut with high content of lauric acid, anti-acne and prevents skin infections

Artisan soup (97.7% Natural)

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