Our cosmetic is vegan, we do not use raw materials of animal origin.

We do not use chemical ingredients derived from petroleum or artificial additives.

We manufacture cosmetics with vegetal ingredients, our ethics is ecological, because it does not cause residues aggressive, or environmentally harmful chemicals.

The components of vegetal origin are more related to the structure of our skin, Strengthen it and regenerate it by restructuring the dermal functions. Being natural do not block or obstruct the pores of the skin, there by absorbing better and hydration is deeper.


Since an early age I felt the need of taking care of the skin which wraps me; that ritual was my pleasant moment.

Based on that, I decided to create a project which has become into a passionate challenge over time. Starting from this premise I chose to make a cosmetic based on my own feelings, beyond the skin.

We are assed by an experienced and committed team that shares our vision.

The identity of Velandia is given by our plant-based ingredients, efficiently-chosen active substances which really benefit our skin, best-quality raw materials, creativity, fragrances and illusion.

Our formulas contain the ingredients that nature offers, such as the extracts of plants, flowers, essential oils, vegetables, algae.

Droplets of natural assets which contribute to moisturize and regenerate our skin.

Dare to experiment this feeling in your skin!

elena nueva